Arlene Jane Mcintyre – Financial Adviser

Adviser identifying number: 227400
Status: Current
Adviser’s ABN:
The year the Financial Adviser first provided advice: 2011

Name of the licence holder: CLUB HOLIDAYS AUSTRALIA LIMITED
Licence number: 479621
Licensee’s ABN:
Licence controlled by:

The date the Financial Adviser commenced the appointment: 09/12/2016
The date the Financial Adviser ceased the appointment:
Name of the Authorised Representative: CLUB HOLIDAYS AUSTRALIA LIMITED
Authorised Representative identifying number: 479621
Authorised Representative’s ABN:

Disciplinary actions start date against the Financial Adviser:
Disciplinary actions end date against the Financial Adviser:
Disciplinary action type:

Contact phone number:
Working hours:

Relevant qualifications and training:

  • RG146 Certificate – One Step Further
  • RG146 Timeshare and holiday ownership education program – One Step Furter

Relevant memberships of professional bodies or industry associations:

Arlene Jane Mcintyre is authorised to provide advices on following products:

  • Managed Investment Schemes / Timesharing Scheme